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When your Floors & Surfaces have lost their Original Beauty, or if you simply just want to change the look, whether your property is a modest home, a grand house, a luxury hotel or a busy commercial building, we at Floor Renewal Services can help.

Floor Renewal Services provides Stone Restoration of all types of Marble

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We also provide a full Tile & Grout Cleaning Service which will transform any surface back to looking BRAND NEW.

We at Floor Renewal Services are 100% committed to deliver the highest level of service to our customers we strive for perfection and we look forward to visiting your premises to conduct a FREE SAMPLE at your convenience.




Marble Cleaning & Polishing

Dull surfaces can be polished to a mirror-like shine or finished to your exact requirements. Uneven surfaces can be ground flat. Stains & etching can be removed & the Original beauty of the natural stone can be restored. Our services include: Grinding, Polishing, Deep Cleaning of Marble & Grout Lines, and Crystallization to lock in the shine and keep it looking beautiful for years to come.
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Polished Porcelain Re Polished

Polished Porcelain tiles & grout can be Deep Cleaned & Re Polished back to their Original Condition. We also provide a Crystallisation process that will Lock in the Shine & leave your Porcelain Floor Sparkling Clean once again and looking fantastic for years to come.
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Slate Cleaning & Re Sealing

Soap reside, waxes and other topical coatings can hide or dull the beautiful charm of your Slate floors & surfaces. We can strip away the dull build up & deep clean the surface of the Slate & Grout Lines and Re-Seal them to enhance & display the Natural true colour of the Slate. We can also repair chips, cracks & other damage.
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Concrete Grinding & Polishing

Polished Concrete is long lasting, extremely hard wearing & effortless to maintain which are key factors as to why polished Concrete floors are becoming ever so popular in todays market. We also offer a full Grinding / Honing / Polishing / protecting service at a very competitive rate.
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Limestone Cleaning, Polishing & Protecting

Limestone is a soft stone that needs to be treated very carefully, once it has been Cleaned, Polished & properly protected it will last for years.
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Marble Vanity Units

Over time all granite or stone surfaces can become chipped, scratched, stained or damaged in some way. Having it repaired can mean the difference between an old looking stone surface and a new stone one. We can repair it rather than you replace it. We can repair your Granite / Stone vanity unit or worktops or any other stone surface that has become damaged to the best possible result and have them looking like new in no time.
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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Because most grout is porous, over time it absorbs everything like a sponge. That includes dirt, grime and bacteria. This leaves your floors looking dirty, dingy and aged. Regular cleaning cannot remove the contaminants that lurk in your grout lines, but our skilled technicians and modern equipment can do the trick, leaving your tile and grout more sanitary, smelling fresher, and restored back to their pristine state
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Victorian Tiles Cleaned & Sealed

We have products to 'revive' tired old floors and bring them back to their former glory, we do this by carefully deep cleaning the tiles & grout lines, filling cracks & holes and sealing them creating a low maintenance and beautiful finish which will ensure that your stunning one of a kind Victorian Floor will last another 100 Years.
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Swimming Pool Decks – Heavy Limescale build up removed with our deep cleaning process and a full maintenance program will be provided. Patios – Deep Cleaned & Sealed Factory Floors – Deep Cleaned & Sealed Tavertine polishing
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What our customers are saying

For years I was frustrated with my Marble floors, they were so dirty looking and chipped in places. I thought so many times about changing them but didn’t have the heart to cover up something so natural and beautiful. After finally finding your company I was AMAZED at the results. Your recommendations were spot on and the finished result is Fabulous. I was not optimistic that you or anyone could restore my marble floor back to the way it looked 20 years ago but you have proved me wrong. It was so nice to see the pride you took in your work and the effort that you put into getting my floor back to looking spectacular.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use your company again, and I will most definitely be recommending you to all of my friends.

Mary - Limerick

I recently had some work done by Floor Renewal Services. Vaughan (the owner) was the one who personally did the work. Vaughan was very professional, punctual, and knowledgeable and repaired my tiles in a timely manner.We had recently purchased a new home and got straight stuck into re decorating. The hall and porch had a very dull and worn wooden floor which we tore up. To our amazement we discovered an Old Victorian style floor underneath. It was extremely dirty and worn looking and we were unsure if it could be cleaned, but Vaughan reassured us after doing a free sample that the floor could be restored.
The finish is UNREAL, the floor looks new and the price to restore them was only a fraction of the cost that we would have paid to tile the floors. Thanks a million for all your help, we are trilled with the finished result.

John – Bishopstown

Floor Renewal Services workmanship is clearly unquestionable, they take pride in their work and are keen to ensure they deliver the best finish for the customer.  It is not often you find these qualities in people.  I spent a lot of money on my kitchen many years ago, and felt very disheartened when I couldn’t find a company locally to restore my beautiful Granite Worktop. It was extremely damaged and dull in places with little hair line scratches that were driving me mad. A friend on mine recommended Floor Renewal Services, they had seen an advertisement in the local paper, and the rest as they say is history. I am sat here looking at my kitchen now, and it's amazing. My beautiful Granite worktop looks as good as it did the day it was installed with a beautiful flawless shine with no sign of any scratches. Obviously, this is not just down to the workmanship alone; it is down to the individuals involved who have exemplary in both manner and their skills.  

May I make a particular comment on Vaughan.  He is great asset to your company and has great customer facing skills, keeping me informed throughout the entire process.  It was important to communicate this back to you.  It’s people like this that make a company.  They are the face of your business, and without them, it wouldn’t be the business it is.  Kind regards from one very happy lady.

Trica – Blackrock


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